Now I personally don\’t like to talk much about rumors and I know how much some of you guys prefer concrete information, but combined with all the past concrete news we\’ve heard about Retro Studios new game, such as Nintendo hoping to reveal Retro\’s game in the not so distant future and the bit about Retro working on a \”fantastic project\”, one just can\’t help, but feel excited whenever any type of information pops up.

This one comes from IGN\’s Senior Vice President of Content & Publisher, Peer Schneider and he said in a recently published Nintendo related podcast that he\’s heard rumors that the developer is working on a \”new brand.\” This isn\’t really too far-fetched considering the fact that we heard a similar rumor a couple months ago claiming that Retro studios was working on a  first-person, futuristic and something everyone wants them to make.”

What do you guys want the next Retro project to be? Are you totally fine with a new IP opposed to new Metroid or vice versa? Maybe we\’ll get both if pigs obtain wings. The clock is ticking down, 12 more days until E3 2013/Nintendo Direct Fest.

[Source: IGN]

Written by Omar Taylor

Omar Taylor

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