PoPoLoCrois was a pretty popular manga franchise in Japan during the PSONE and PS2 era and even had a few strategy RPGs released in the process. The PoPoLoCrois franchise is coming back in a new collaboration with Harvest Moon (Story of Seasons in North America).

The game features Prince Pietro as the main protagonist as he goes on a Strategy RPG adventure. Back at home, the prince will have his own farm to tend to, hence introducing the Harvest Moon gameplay.

Currently, there is no word on whether the title will be coming to the west; however, if it does the title will probably be called \”Story of Seasons\” rather than Harvest Moon. Since Natsume still has rights to the Harvest Moon name, the company has been creating its own Harvest Moon titles for North America. XSEED, on the other hand, has been the company localizing the Harvest Moon titles as Story of Seasons.

Written by Eli Pales

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