In Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, players get to know Rusty Slugger, the sad sack salesman who runs a ramshackle sporting goods store that features balls, bats, gloves, and Nontendo 4DS video games.

The game features a 10 baseball-themed minigames that will have you swinging at fastballs, bringing down UFOs, or even becoming an umpire and ringing up batters. You can initially play the demo for free and if you enjoy what you played, like Wii Sports Club, you can purchase select minigames for $3.99 or buy the entire game for full price. You can apparently even haggle with Rusty Slugger to lower the real-life price of each minigame.

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball allows you to share your high score achievements via the StreetPass feature and is available to download today in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.

Written by Danielet