On Platinum\’s Blog, Hiroki Onishi – the lead environmental artist on Bayonetta 2 – discussed his inspiration for the city of Noatun, a major location in the game. It is a city of waterways and rivers, and so he took a trip to Italy and Belgium. In his words, this trip was more rewarding than they possibly could have imagined.

Our journey began with a 12-hour flight from Kansai to Brussels. We planned on visiting Bruges and the Cathedral of Our Lady first, but when we arrived, we heard the Royal Palace was currently open to the public, so we rearranged our schedule to make that our first stop.


The Belgium Palace


In Game

The Royal Palace was perfect for helping us figure out the some of the game’s grander architecture. A lot of the places we visited prohibited photography, so we were thrilled that the palace allowed cameras as long as the flash was off. It was a great start to the trip. The building we created for Bayonetta 2 ended up being a little more stylized than we originally planned, but I’m happy with how it turned out. I think its impact on the player is stronger than before. Look forward to seeing it in the game.

Onishi went on to discuss beautifully unique windows from the Church of Our Lady and how he captured that in game, creating stone walkways and tiled roofs inspired by his time in Florence, and how Venice challenged the team as to the nature of how these people live their lives, and how they wanted to capture that. Be sure to check out the rest of the piece, as it offers some unique insight into the creation of a game like this and goes into a lot more than I\’ve mentioned here, as well as shows just how much goes into these experiences. What do you think? Are you excited to see these areas in-game? Sound off below!

Written by Jonathan Harrington

Jono loves to play and try out all types of games, but he’s especially fond of those with “Xenoblade,” “Okami,” or “Zelda” in the title. He is a features, news, and reviews editor at Nintendo Enthusiast.

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