The indies love to work together

A movement is being seen on the Wii U indie scene where developers are starting to work together to cross reference and promote eachother. Hex Heroes , Twisted Fusion, and many more have decided to include characters from other Wii U indie games to sort of help the scene grow together, instead of working against each other. Add Ping 1.5+ to that list now, as it was announced on Twitter that there will be 4 Blok Drop U-inspired levels in the game.

The Blok Drop U-inspired levels appear to be very well done, right down to the same text used in the original game. With the success of Blok Drop U on the eShop, hopefully this will translate to Ping 1.5+ which we did a very promising preview on. Be sure to click here for the full preview, and enjoy these exclusive screens we were sent from developer NAMITENTOU.

Written by phayro