It\’s not easy for an independent development division to be able to make it big in the gaming industry. As WaterMelon Studios, developers of Pier Solar HD, describes it, \”you pretty much feel like a tiny dot in the wide universe.\” Fortunately, since last year, Nintendo has been making large strides to improve their indie publishing policies and, so far, it has been paying off for both parties. In this particular case, WaterMelon studios describes their experience with Nintendo as \”absolutely fantastic!\”

\”Nintendo has been absolutely fantastic,\” said Tulio Gonçalves, President and founder of WaterMelon  \”It is impressive and I’m afraid I won’t be fair enough when describing the way Nintendo has been treating us from the very beginning. When you have a small business that is trying to make it in the monster-sized game industry, you pretty much feel like a tiny dot in the wide universe. We know how great Pier Solar is and we believe 100% in our products and potential, but we expected to face a lot more challenges when trying to communicate with a great company like Nintendo.

However, despite their endless demand from multiple other companies, they were one of our biggest supporters on the path of not only developing (which was crucial), but also of promoting Pier Solar HD,\” he continued. \”We participated in great video game fairs such as iDÉAME and IndieCade, which are very meaningful to this industry. Saying that Nintendo was has been fantastic to WaterMelon is actually an understatement! They were awesome!\”

Tuilo also didn\’t rule out the possibility of bring Pier Solar over to the Nintendo 3DS platform, specifically stating that they were going to leave that matter \”for later\”.

To read the full interview with Tulio including how the studio plans to use the Gamepad and their experience with the industry as well as specific details about the game itself, head on over to the full interview with WaterMelon.

Written by Omar Taylor

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