As if having the Wii Fit Trainer as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS wasn’t wacky enough, a group of players have started a petition to get America’s favorite COO of Nintendo of America Reggie “the Regginator” Fils-Aime added to the roster.  Reggie’s trademarked sayings such as, “My body is ready” and “My name is Reggie.  I’m about kicking ass.  Taking names.  And, we’re about making games!” could maybe be some of his smash taunts?

Ubergizmo stated that Reggie had expressed in the past a desire to possibly be in a video game so there shouldn’t be a problem there.  The only hang up would be getting Smash Bros. director, Masahiro Sakurai’s blessing to have such a momentous event occur.

Players proposed an idea of having Fils-Aime be a unique character who could use Nintendo controllers and characters as his mode of attack.  The idea, once again, sounds pretty whacky but the fact that a petition was started for such an idea isn’t too surprising since Fils-Aime has an occult following of loyal fans.

If your interested in jumping on board the petition train head over to to stamp your seal of approval.

So, is “your body ready?” to get Regginated? Leave your comments here.