About two months ago, we heard Joe Madureira, the creative director of the Darksiders franchise, tease a new Darksiders announcement on his Facebook page. Due to the proximity to E3 2014, many thought that meant a Darksiders announcement was in the works at E3. When no announcement came, however, many began worrying whether Darksiders was still alive.

In a recent interview, Reinhard Pollice, the product development director at Nordic Games, once again teased a Darksiders announcement coming soon.

GG: Is there anything we can look forward too? Are you close to any sort of announcement?

Pollice: Definitely don’t pull it off the radar. Just watch out. Check out what we’re announcing. There will be a future for Darksiders. There has to be a future for Darksiders…

The original Darksiders never came to Nintendo platforms, but the second game did. Hopefully we will see the release of any future Darksiders titles on the Wii U as well.

Written by CHageltho