New advanced search options, release calendar added, and more

Nintendo has finally updated their main website. While it may take some time to adjust to, it looks great and comes with a lot of helpful new features.

Upon entering the site, you\’ll notice that the design aesthetics are now up to modern standards and that Wii and Nintendo DS are not longer main tab options. Instead, Wii has been swapped for Wii Mini and Nintendo DS has been removed altogether, but this is hardly the most significant of the improvements.

The best parts about the website update has to to be the ability to \”Quick View\” software, the inclusion of a more elaborate search filter, and the addition of a release calendar page that you can actually subscribe to via RSS.

With the quick view option, a game\’s trailer and information is now available without having to load a new page. Of course, for games rated \”M\” and over (Yeah, they actually have and adult rating filter option despite there not being any adult games on Nintendo\’s platforms), you the game\’s trailer isn\’t available in quick view. Speaking of filters, we can, if you\’ll allow me to say, finally choose multiple filters when searching for a game. Before the update, you could not search for specific ESRB ratings – it was either only rated \”E\” only or \”E\” + everything else – but now you can, which makes it less of a paint to search for games. Still, Nintendo\’s filter options are not nearly as elaborate as Sony\’s, but are still miles better than Microsoft\’s.

Nintendo\’s game release calendar lists the 8 most recent retail or digital releases per platform and also displays games releasing in the future, but only ones that at least have set release windows.

One unfortunate part about the update is that you can no longer view the price of Nintendo\’s games on each game\’s respective pages.

You can check out the site with all it\’s improvements here.

Written by Omar Taylor

Omar Taylor

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