RIP Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection 2005-2014

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, (or WFC for short) has now officially ended, meaning you can no longer play Wii or DS games online. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection launched in 2005 and the first game to make use of the service was Mario Kart DS, which was one of the most played online game for either Wii or DS, even recently it still had quite a decent number of users playing regularly.


Other big name games include Animal Crossing (Both DS and Wii versions), Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and all the Pokemon DS titles. You will also be unable to download DLC for all games so hopefully you grabbed what you needed before today. There are still some unaffected services and these will continue for the foreseeable future at least. Services such as Netflix, Internet Channel, Wii Shop Channel and YouTube can all still be accessed.


I hope you all got your final rounds and matches of your favourite online DS and Wii games in. Don\’t be upset for too long though as we have Mario Kart 8 coming in a few short weeks, online matches aplenty!

Written by 1wiierdguy

Lover of all consoles and PC. Follow on Twitter @wardjamie10

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