Pokemon Emerald remake incoming?

In Japan, Nintendo has filed a new trademark for “Delta Emerald”. The company placed the trademark on May 2nd and has today been made public. While it is not necessarily a Pokemon related trademark, its hard to think and see it being used in any other way, because Pokemon Delta Emerald sounds like a perfect fit.

After all, Nintendo have recently announced Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for 3DS, which are remakes of the 2003 GBA titles, Ruby and Sapphire. Pokemon Emerald followed a couple of years later as part of the same set so it looks like something similar may happen this time around.


This trademark in no way confirms that a remake of Pokemon Emerald is coming any time soon, if at all. Nintendo have done it in before just to simply cover their bases as Water Blue and Grey have been registered in the past but nothing has ever come of them. But even so, its hard not to get excited about the possibility.

Written by 1wiierdguy

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