Nintendo is looking to offer software that will take full advantage of the Wii U GamePad

As a platform in it\’s second year after over 14 months on the market, Nintendo doesn\’t deny that the Wii U is currently in a very difficult position. To diffuse the situation, instead of performing yet another price markdown, Nintendo says it will focus on enriching the value the Wii U GamePad, something Nintendo also touted as the \”most significant feature of the Wii U\”.

As per Wii U\’s current state, Nintendo concedes that they have not been able to fully communicate the value of the GamePad and distinguish it from the Wii U\’s predecessor, the Wii.

Satoru Iwata: \”By looking at the current sales situation, I am aware that this is due to our lack of effort. What’s even worse is that there even appear to be not a small number of consumers who think the GamePad is one of the accessories for the previous platform, Wii.\”

Nintendo attributes this problem not only to the large number of consumers who do not keep up with the latest Nintendo news and, therefore, intends to solve this issue before the March 2014, by offering software titles that can only be made possible with the GamePad.

As of now, Nintendo has only created unique GamePad experiences for it\’s multiplayer titles, but has not been able to offer a enriched single player experience using the unique controller. As a result, Nintendo has made solving this issue legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto\’s number one goal this year.

Satoru Iwata: \”We have managed to offer several of such software titles for occasions when many people gather in one place to play, but we have not been able to offer a decisive software title that enriches the user’s gameplay experience when playing alone with the GamePad. This will be one of the top priorities of Mr. Miyamoto’s software development department this year.\”

In addition to offering software that takes full advantage of the Wii U GamePad, Nintendo will make full use of the GamePad\’s exclusive NFC function, realize a quick start menu, and will bring Nintendo DS games to Virtual Console.

Written by Omar Taylor

Omar Taylor

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