Nintendo held their financial results briefing for the six-month period ending in September today in Japan.  Besides the depressing Wii U sales figures, an update to Nintendo’s software release schedule was posted.  Unfortunately, very little new information was provided.  Fortunately, nothing seems to have been dropped off the list.  Fans of JRPGs looking forward to the Square Enix developed Bravely Default, will be happy to see it listed for Q1 2014 in North America, and December 6th 2013 for Europe.  Those looking forward to MonolithSoft’s open world RPG X, or Atlus’ crossover Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, should be relieved that those titles are still scheduled for 2014 in all regions.  Mario Kart 8 holds to its Spring 2014 time frame, where it could become the console’s first major system seller.  The Good Feel (Wario Land: Shake it, Kirby’s Epic Yarn) developed Wii U title Yarn Yoshi, which hasn’t been seen since it’s January Nintendo Direct reveal, is still listed on the schedule as well.  Stay tuned for more updates to Nintendo’s release schedule as they develop.

Written by ElkinFencer10

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