Nintendo has registered a new patent for ‘Eye Tracking Enabling 3D Viewing on Conventional 2D Display’, which could potentially be utilized for the Wii U or an as yet unannounced future platform.

nintendo_eyetrackingycj3o As pictured in the diagram above, this setup with require the user to wear some form of head-mounted marker, presented as glasses for the purposes of the diagram. A camera would also be perched atop the user’s television, and as the player moves their head the illusion of viewing a 3D image is created. Remember that not every patent that get’s filled becomes a consumer product, Nintendo may just be protecting their interests. A very similar technique was demonstrated by Johnny Lee back in 2007 using Wii Remotes and the Sensor Bar from the Wii, use in reverse. This can be seen in the following video to give you an idea of what to expect from this.

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Written by womble