Famitsu tallied what it dubs Japan’s 21st Century Top 100 Selling Games, and based on the criteria it has made, Nintendo basically owns the lists.

Consider that Famitsu counted sales from January 1, 2001 to September 29 of this year, that they included download cards and game copies in bundles, but does not include “Best” Rereleases or download purchases. With that out of the way, let’s look at some top sellers. Finally, remember that Famitsu competes with Media Create, as well as Dengeki, in tracking video game sales in Japan. Nintendo, and most of the industry, use Media Create as their baseline, but Famitsu is no less reputable.


The overall bestselling title is New Super Mario Bros on the DS, at 6,424,000 units. Following after it in the top 5 are the Pokemon games on DS and GBA, and Animal Crossing: Wild World. Nintendo took 9 of the top 10 slots, 9 of the top 11-20 slots, and a staggering 72 of the top 100 slots, with most of those games being 1st party titles.

When it comes to hardware, the Nintendo DS is the top seller at 32,864,000 units sold, and Game Boy Advance comes in at 4th place with 15,527,000 units. 3DS and Wii follow directly after with each reaching nearly 13 million units.

For comparison’s sake, Famitsu also has a list of the 20th Century Top 100 Selling games. These are sales from before January 1, 2001, based on shipment data reported by publishers to CESA. This data shows Nintendo clearly dominated Japan in the classic era as well. The original Super Mario Bros on the Famicom roundly tops the list at 6,810,000 units sold (not quite there yet, New Super Mario Bros!) followed by Tetris and Super Mario Land on the Game Boy. Nintendo takes seven of the top 10 slots.

We’ve opted not to copy paste the list so you can peruse all the lists at your pleasure from the source. They only happened to feature mostly Nintendo games as a coincidence.

Did you see the games you expected to see on top of the charts here? Do you expect any Wii U games reaching these heights in the future? Share your thoughts with us below.

Written by Ryan Parreno

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