In just 2 and a half years the Nintendo 3DS has managed to outsell Nintendo\’s first 3D console, the N64. The N64 had about a 5-year lifespan and 32,930,000 units were sold to retailers during that time. The 3DS has now sold 34,980,000 units to retailers since its release. Software sales are also somewhat impressive, already reaching past half the units the N64 sold in its lifetime.

This also means that the 3DS has already outsold hardware sales for the Gamecube, Nintendo\’s lowest-selling console aside from the Virtual Boy. The 3DS\’ next competitor is the SNES, which has sold  49,100,000 units to retailers since its inception. It is easy to assume that the 3DS will reach this goal  until it goes off the market. It\’s not likely that it will reach the high sales of the Game Boy Advance, however, which sold 81,510,000 units to retailers across the world.

Hopefully the console\’s healthy momentum will keep up, especially with the upcoming A Link Between Worlds ready to shine.

Written by Anthony Retondo

Anthony is a ginger. That should give you an idea of how much he’s worth. Despite this extreme physical limitation, however, he continues to write, and loves doing it. He may suck at video games (His favorite activity), but he has a strong passion for the lore and history of Nintendo’s franchises. When he’s not writing he’s saving the future in his flying Epoch, streaming and drinking Arnold Palmer.

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