Gottadeal\’s website has listed several slides including Walmart\’s Black Friday deals. Among them is a deal for Nintendo\’s new handheld, the 2DS, for only $99. The console is normally $30 more expensive than this. Walmart\’s ad also mentions that carrying cases for the console will be available for $9.96 each.

The Nintendo 2DS is Nintendo\’s brand new handheld, and their answer to users who do not desire 3D for portable gaming. It is cheaper than the 3Ds, features no hinge for closing and is primarily aimed toward younger audiences through Nintendo\’s marketing. A brand new Link Between Worlds bundle was also announced recently, which comes with the game and a golden 3DS XL. It is unknown whether or not Walmart will be offering deals on this product as well. The product is available in limited supply and no rain checks are allowed for Black Friday.

Does this new deal spark your interest? Will you be purchasing come Thanksgiving evening, or is the 3D feature too important to neglect?

Written by Anthony Retondo

Anthony is a ginger. That should give you an idea of how much he’s worth. Despite this extreme physical limitation, however, he continues to write, and loves doing it. He may suck at video games (His favorite activity), but he has a strong passion for the lore and history of Nintendo’s franchises. When he’s not writing he’s saving the future in his flying Epoch, streaming and drinking Arnold Palmer.

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