Nintendo\’s Wii U has picked up a lot of support from indie developers over the last couple of years thanks to relaxed rules and regulations. There are also numerous examples of Nintendo going out of their way to aid and assist developers who¬†might otherwise not of been able to bring their game to the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. Apparently one developer who had some dealings with Nintendo in the 1990s who aren\’t so open to change, are flat out refusing to contemplate bringing their game, Night Trap ReVamped to any of Nintendo\’s systems.

The former president of Nintendo of America, Howard Lincoln made enemies out of Night Trap LLC when he supported third-party studio Acclaim. Lincoln worked with the team to bring Mortal Kombat to the mass-market of the SNES, thanks to a small change of red to green blood.

\”Ever hear the term \”never burn bridges?\” Well, Howard Lincoln, the former president of Nintendo US, made our lives miserable during the 1994 Senate Hearings on Video Game Violence. Not only did he quietly suggest to congressman, though the use of Nintendo-supplied and heavily edited footage, that they should demonize Night Trap rather than Nintendo\’s Mortal Combat, but he also declared publicly that Night Trap would never appear on a Nintendo system. And he was right: as much as Nintendo desperately needs publishers to support their third-place platform, we won\’t be one of them. There\’s just too much bad blood between us and them.\”

It\’s clear the team at Night Trap LLC are still reeling from what took place in the 1990s. It\’s a shame to see a developer resorting to falsities and fan-boy-like claims, that the Wii U is in \”third place\”. It\’s worth noting¬†they\’re likely scouting for attention for their Kickstarter campaign; With it\’s lofty base goal, and lack of in-game footage they\’ll need all the attention they can muster.

Written by Alex Balderas

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