Pokemon GO witnessed a massive success last July and Niantic seems to be ready to unleash some new content for their mobile game.

Speaking with Waypoint, Niantic CEO John Hanke did mention that new features are coming soon in “an abbreviated form”, with more complete versions following right after.

Hanke stated the following to the site:

“It has far surpassed our expectations in just turning everybody onto the potential for games that break out of the screen. But the priority for Pokémon Go now is to build in those things that reward co-operative gameplay, and make experiences available that offer more depth than just the capturing mechanic.”

Hanke did specifically say to Waypoint that trading and player-versus-player battles are on their way along with a better gym battle system.

“It’s going to be done soon. It is what it is. I’ll take the massive wave of hysteria we enjoyed, and just deal with the fact that it’s caused us to take a bit longer to get the rest of the features up. We’re really happy to make our users happy.”

Hanke also commented on hosting their own events, in order to introduce something more official to the table besides the unofficial players-meetings that was going on during the last months.

“I’d never seen spontaneous, user-created events on that scale before… My heart is really with events, and that’s something I really want us to try to solve in 2017. It’s complicated, though, to do them at the scale that Pokémon Go demands. But, to me, that would be the best demonstration of the vision of this company, which is all about playing games together, outside, with other people.”

Finally, Hanke confirmed that Pokemon GO’s original tracker won’t be returning. He also gave some reasons for this decision. :

“The tracker sort of fills a certain need within the product. I think the more interesting thing for me is not extending the tracker, but basically making the world richer and adding more ways to interact with new kinds of things in the world.”

Written by Hektor Apostolopoulos

When Hektor isn’t playing something on his video game consoles, he probably listens to his favorite music. He prefers to spend his money on classic games and rare music albums instead of spending it on alcohol and strippers. If his wallet wants a break from this expensive hobby, he watches his favorite two soccer teams on TV. He thinks that Zelda Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy VII and Half-Life 2 are the greatest games of ALL time.

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