With the whole hubbub and controversy surrounding the fact that Nintendo\’s next 3DS game Tomodachi Life will not feature homosexual relationships, Nintendo has finally released a statement addressing the issue. In short, Nintendo is unable to completely re-code the game in time for its June launch; however, it is open to being more inclusive in any future games in the Tomodachi Life series.

“We apologize for disappointing many people by failing to include same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life,\” said Nintendo. \”Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to change this game’s design, and such a significant development change can’t be accomplished with a post-ship patch. At Nintendo, dedication has always meant going beyond the games to promote a sense of community, and to share a spirit of fun and joy. We are committed to advancing our longtime company values of fun and entertainment for everyone. We pledge that if we create a next installment in the Tomodachi series, we will strive to design a game-play experience from the ground up that is more inclusive, and better represents all players.”

It seems like for the first time in a while Nintendo has addressed the complaints of its fans head on and in a timely manner. What are your opinions on the whole debacle? Did the issue even warrant a response from Nintendo? Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Written by Eli Pales

Elia Pales owns pretty much every single product Nintendo puts out, and due to his impulsive tendencies, he also tends to purchase every gaming product put out in general. When not gaming, he’s probably running cross country or writing. He makes sure to take regular gaming breaks, though.

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