As Wii U comes out of beta mode, many Nintendo enthusiasts are preparing for the slew of announced games coming to Wii U starting this Summer and throughout the Fall season, but whatever happened to those unannounced Wii U games Iwata discussed in the most recent 2013 stockholders meeting? Well this one comes from a Portuguese gaming website who got a confirmation that Shin’en would be announcing their latest Wii U game this fall (Possibly in a Nintendo Direct?).

“We will post information about our new games for Wii U in the fall.”

It is also worth noting that Shin’en Multimedia, known for developing beautiful looking games on Nintendo platform even if not using all the available power, has been a consistent advocate of the Wii U’s capabilities and has also recently spoke highly of the systems capabilities. While still only being a small development team, we’re certainly excited to see what they have in store. Are you?