Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 4 was revealed last week and new details about the game have now emerged online from the game\’s official website. It has been confirmed that this is a brand new entry, unlike Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 2nd which was an overhaul of the original game, with expanded environments and story details.

Players will be able to choose upto four playable characters during missions, although certain mission may restrict the use of some characters. There will however be fifty to choose from overall.\”What If\” scenarios return to the game: what if Yoshimoto Imagawa had survived the Battle of Okehazama? What if Shingen Takeda had reached the capital? A new \’Renbukan mode\’ appears, which first appeared in the Samurai Warriors expansion. The mode is comparable to swarm mode where players battle against wave after wave of enemies. Score ranking has been improved upon previous entries, in that players are divided into classes with promotion and demotion chances every week. High-score rewards will be determined class by class, giving chances for beginners to be rewarded as well as experienced players. Finally a few additions from the Playstation 3\’s Samurai Warrior\’s 4 will make it into the title, such as \”Godspeed Action\” and \”Secret Musou\” moves.

The game is developed by Omega Force, the same team who worked with Team Ninja and Nintendo to bring Hyrule Warriors to Wii U owners. Whilst a western release for this game has yet to be announced, that fact that more attention has been brought to the Warriors series thanks to the Nintendo-collaboration it wouldn\’t be out of the realms of possibility to see this localized.

Written by Alex Balderas

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