Mauv showcases some strong graphics for an indie

Nintendo Enthusiast first mentioned the upcoming indie game Mauv for Wii U in our 120+ Upcoming Wii U Indie Games article, and aside from the information mentioned and a screenshot, we didn’t know a lot about the Wii U version of Mauv, which is the “HD” version according to game developers Forge Vault. Today, Forge Vault released some gameplay footage of the Wii U version, and it looks very promising.

Mauv is a kill and loot style game that has you exploring vast landscapes and encountering a wide variety of enemies throughout these lands. The game offers some seriously impressive visuals that honestly wouldn’t look out of place on a retail title for the Wii U. Although the sound effects featured in the video are a bit underwhelming, the developer has stated that they are going to work on upgrading the sound effects.

Mauv may end up being a cult classic on the Wii U. Be sure to stick with Nintendo Enthusiast for more news and information on this and all other Wii U indie titles!

Written by phayro