Natsume Inc., developer and publisher of family-oriented video games, is showing off some of the big boss battles for their upcoming quirky puzzle platformer, Yumi\’s Odd Odyssey. Known in Japan as Umihara Kawase, the game features a girl armed with only with her backpack and trusty fishing hook, travelling through a dream-like world filled with fish and other wildlife gone awry. With puzzling levels and even weirder enemies, Yumi prepares to grab the North American Nintendo 3DS audience for the first time later this month.


\”There are some big bosses in Yumi’s Odd Odyssey that will offer a real challenge to our players!\” said Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO at Natsume. \”Besides being big, these bosses also have a few surprising tricks up their sleeve, so you’ll have to use your brain as well as your brawn!\”

Players will be first introduced to the boss battle mechanic on Stage 9: A giant tadpole who squashes Yumi with the slightest touch. Yumi will need to use her wits and trusty fishing rod to find places to hide from her massive stomp attack, and her froggie children. It may appear that there’s no way to damage this titanic tadpole, but players who look closely may see a pattern emerge that holds the key.


Later in the game, on Stage 21, players will be introduced to another fiendish foe: the giant crab. This monstrous menace will try to snap Yumi with its giant claws as soon as she gets close. With the crab’s hard outer shell acting as armor, it will be up to players to figure out how to make crab cakes out of this cantankerous crustacean, Perhaps the key lies in the mysterious boxes scattered throughout the Stage…

Natsume: \”Slip and slide through icy levels, challenge frighteningly large bosses, and impress your friends with the new Ranking Feature that compares your score against others from all over the world! The top spot is open for anyone to grab, so set off into this bizarre world and fish up a new high score by honing your fishing skills!


Originally released on the Super Famicom and later re-released for the PlayStation and Nintendo DS, this will be the first time Yumi\’s tale will be told outside of Japan, and you\’ve never played a puzzle platformer quite like this: using her fishing hook, Yumi must make her way through a variety of levels by running, jumping, and throwing her coveted fishing line. Yumi can use her fishing line to swing between platforms, lower herself down to other ledges, and even catapult herself great distances by stretching the line to its breaking point. Its unique mechanics are sure to excite even veteran gamers of the platforming genre!\”

Written by Omar Taylor

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