Teases for Minecraft on Nintendo consoles have been increasing as of late. Shigeru Miyamoto and Shinya Takahashi teased Minecraft a few weeks ago when they thought it was a good fit for Nintendo platforms. In a recent Reddit AMA with Tommasso Checci of Mojang, he further teased Minecraft on the 3DS and pondered at the technical potential of the game.

3DS would never have infinite worlds though, AFAIK [as far as I know] it could at most get a graphically downscaled version of 0.8…

For those wondering, the developer was not talking about the Minecraft for console version; rather, he was talking about the Minecraft: Pocket Version. Currently, those with smartphones can download version 0.8 of Minecraft: Pocket Version for their Android or iOS devices to get a general idea of what might be coming to the 3DS in the future.

If Minecraft were released on the 3DS would you pick it up, or would you prefer a Wii U port of the game instead?

Written by Eli Pales

Elia Pales owns pretty much every single product Nintendo puts out, and due to his impulsive tendencies, he also tends to purchase every gaming product put out in general. When not gaming, he’s probably running cross country or writing. He makes sure to take regular gaming breaks, though.

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