Through another stealth update of the Nintendo website, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap has been confirmed for the Wii U Virtual Console. The game, which originally came out for the Gameboy Advance in 2005 in North America, currently has no release date or price for the Wii U Virtual Console.

For those who do not know, Minish Cap was one of the Zelda games which was developed by Capcom. The game was also one of the ten GBA games given to 3DS ambassadors. The game features Link solving puzzles and fighting enemies in two worlds: a miniature \”Minish\” world, and the larger overworld. Puzzle-solving also uses this dual approach to encourage players to solve puzzles in both worlds.

Generally, Nintendo does not add in Virtual Console listings to its website unless it is coming soon, with the occasional exception of games like Super Mario Bros. 3. The game could probably be expected to release soon for somewhere between $6 and $8, the usual price of a GBA Virtual Console game.

Written by Eli Pales

Elia Pales owns pretty much every single product Nintendo puts out, and due to his impulsive tendencies, he also tends to purchase every gaming product put out in general. When not gaming, he’s probably running cross country or writing. He makes sure to take regular gaming breaks, though.

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