Nintendo gives Mario infinite levels

Earlier this week Nintendo announced Mario Maker for Wii U, a game in which you can create your own Mario levels. While simple in concept, it opens up so many possibilities, even just based off of what Nintendo has shown so far, but what\’s even better is that there still seems to be so much more that Nintendo has yet to reveal about the game.


During an interview with USGamer, the games producer Takashi Tezuka stated \”Obviously, there will be other graphical styles included and nothing\’s been decided yet, but I\’d also like to include other graphics that aren\’t Mario. No, it won\’t be top-down (like Zelda) It\’s always going to be a 2D platformer.\”

This seems to indicate that possibly the graphical styles from Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World will be used and if their graphical styles are used then you would also expect their different, quicker style of gameplay would also be used. They could even add in the style of  Super Mario Bros 2, then that may have that games completely different style of gameplay. One graphical style I hope to see, but seems unlikely, is that of Yoshi\’s Island.



There also seems plans to integrate more enemy and object types, which you would expect considering there are countless amount of Mario enemies and objects which have yet to be revealed, such as Thwomp\’s and Boo\’s. Tezuka also wants to include features from Mario Paint such as the music composition feature, which is still a tool which people still use today for creating their own renditions of songs. Sharing is another feature which will also be a big aspect of the game, as you would expect considering its all about creating levels, so while details have not been made public, its pretty much certain that you will be able to upload and download created levels online, which basically means that this is a Mario game that literally has infinite levels, we may never need another 2D Mario game ever again.

The only bad news is that the release date is in 2015, but at least that gives Nintendo plenty of time to keep adding things in to the game. We are sure to learn more about the game during the course of the year, so definiely keep an eye on this one.

Written by 1wiierdguy

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