The gameplay feature of having two racers operating one kart hasn\’t returned since Mario Kart: Double Dash on the GameCube, but Nintendo isn\’t ruling out seeing that feature come back in the future.

Speaking to IGN during a GDC roundtable, Mario Kart 8 producer Hideki Konno assured that negative feelings weren\’t the reason for leaving out Double Dash\’s most noteworthy innovation from succeeding entries. What it really came down to was a lack of good ideas coming out of utilizing the two-racer feature.

\”It wasn\’t just a simple case of, \’Hey, we\’re not going to do that again,\’\” Konno said. \”We really think the two racers together in one kart of Double Dash was really unique, and we thought it worked really well.\”

\”We\’ve got that in our pocket, so if we come up with any new, cool ideas that utilize having two players racing together, we will definitely grab that and possibly bring it back out,\” Konno continued.

One thing that just goes to show how big of a leap Double Dash was for the franchise is the fact that have two racers on one card was and still is a technically taxing feature.

\”Having two players racing together, it does have a pretty high cost in terms of processing power, so that is an obstacle,\” Konno said. \”That being said, if we could come up with some ways around that processing cost, we may have two players, maybe even three players, racing together. If we could come up with some cool ideas, we\’ll definitely use them.\”

Might have been cool to have to have 8 player local multiplayer in the two-racer format where the four players that use the GamePad are in charge of defense while while the other who use some other control scheme use a Wii remote or Pro Controller.

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Written by Omar Taylor

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