It’s a move that many Nintendo fans are hoping for: a Wii U bundle with Mario Kart 8. Even owners of the Wii U want to see this happen for one reason: sales. While sales figures used to mean next to nothing to the average gamer, the digital age of media has brought about everyone being a sales analyst. What is true about sales figures is one thing: more units moved=more games for a system (look at the diverse Wii lineup as proof of that). So with that in mind, Nintendo fans are hoping that Mario Kart ends up being a success like it has been on every platform before, to increase the sales of the Wii U and thus increase interest from developers (and bitter fanboys).

Now, it appears, that a Mario Kart 8 Bundle may be heading to Europe. According to¬†French website Gameblog, the bundle will include the 32gig Wii U, GamePad, Mario Kart 8, plus a 7 day trial of Wii U Karaoke. While I’m sure many fans across Europe are excited by the potential of this, the real question is this: Will Nintendo of America do the same? In the eyes of this journalist, it’d be foolish not to.

Written by phayro