Nintendo have revealed that they are putting the final touches to a new Mario Kart 8 update set to be distributed free of charge at the end of August.

This new update will include the previously announced Mercedes Benz DLC which is already available in Japan. This DLC add\’s three Mercedes Benz karts to the line-up including the new GLA, the Silver Arrow and the 300 SL Roadster. Several other improvements are set to be included, the biggest being the ability to edit other player\’s Mario Kart TV highlight reels. Outside of this the update is merely around online stability, and a few streamlined improvements such as having the \”Next Race\” option as the default in GP mode as opposed to \”View Highlight Reel\”. A map display is being added to the TV screen, and the last customized kart used will be saved for easy access. This update will be made available to North American and European gamers on August 27th.

Mario Kart 8 has become Nintendo\’s latest blockbuster title, selling 2.82 million units worldwide in it\’s first month alone!



Written by Alex Balderas

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