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Mario Kart 8 Trending on Facebook

Update: For those who do not know, unlike Twitter, Facebook trending is tailored based on who your friends are and what they’ve liked. Because of that, we’ve decided to use a fresh account (cleared cookies and history). You can view the screenshot of that account here.

As seen in the screenshot we took to the right, Mario Kart 8 is trending on Facebook as of now. This comes after the Nintendo Direct that aired today, which announced more new information on Mario Kart 8. Among the announcements were a new Mario Kart 8 bundle for the states, details on online multiplayer and Mario Kart TV, new racer and item announcements, and details on a free bonus game promotion.

Of course, Nintendo announced all this abruptly at 9 A.M. eastern time which caused news outlets to scramble to consolidate their facts and post them up as news as fast as they could. As a result, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook get flooded with news on that one particular topic in a short burst of time, ultimately allowing Nintendo’s announcement to explode to the top of trending charts for a the biggest outreach possible.

It’s a brilliant strategy, and it clearly works great.

Thanks sjmartin.

Written by Danielet