Hiroshi Yamauchi died of pneumonia last last Thursday at 85 years old.

Afore the start of the series game with the Kansas City Royals on Monday night, the Seattle Mariners held a moment of silence for former owner Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo’s former President as well as the man who bought a majority stake in the team back in 1992, averting the previously inevitable move to Florida. But first, a statement was made about the Yamauchi made on baseball in both Seattle and the US as a whole, as he was also credited for influencing the arrival Japanese players to the states. In 2001, Ichiro Suzuki was among the first of Japanese ball players to be signed onto the Mariners as well as the first to ever play Major League Baseball.

\”Last week the Seattle Mariners organization lost the man responsible for saving baseball here in Seattle. Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi purchased the Mariners franchise in 1992 as a gesture of goodwill to the citizens of the Pacific Northwest. He transformed his great grandfather’s playing card company, Nintendo, into a global video game powerhouse. his gift of baseball to this region will never be forgotten. Mr. Yamauchi will forever be a significant figure in Mariners baseball history. He will also be remembered throughout the game for his role in moving forward the opportunity for Japanese baseball players to play in the United States.\”

Hiroshi Yamauchi, grandson of the original president, Fusajiro Yamauchi, took office as President and absorbed the manufacturing operation of Yamauchi Nintendo & Co in 1950. As it turns out, F. Yamauchi made the right decisions as H. Yamauchi years later went on to establish the success of the company Nintendo success.

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