The competitive world of Esports is slowly taking over fighting games, trying to legitimize gaming competitions as a nationally recognized sport. Super Smash Brothers tournaments started out in basements and living rooms across the country, but has been gaining steam with events such as APEX and competitive players supporting the game. Major League Gaming has now announced they are starting a Grassroots Program for Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Melee,

Major League Gaming plans to sponsor a series of events specifically for Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Melee only, which is a first. The first competition with the MLG assistance, Shuffle V, will be taking place at Ohio State University on February 22-23rd. Unsurprisingly, the event had a cap of 300 contestants which has already been fulfilled. With a strong showing at APEX, Major League Gaming support, and a new Smash Bros. game looming on the horizon, competitive Super Smash Bros. competitions are gaining popularity and legitimacy in the fighting game community. For more information on the tournament follow the link here.

Written by Shawn Long

Shawn Long

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