EvenMatchupGaming, a player-led gaming organization from Toronto and Nintendo Enthusiast\’s Smash Bros. event partner, asked participants of the MLG Canadian Qualifier \’Get On My Level 2014\’ what it is about Super Smash Bros. that they love so much. This was the largest ever Smash event in Canada and featured top players, such as Mew2king and Hungrybox, newcomers entering their first competition, and even parents who came to support their children participated in the video. All in all, it features an eclectic mix of Smash fans who define this wonderful gaming community. The personal significance that a gaming scene provides for its members is often overlooked, and this video speaks volumes to the meaning that Smash has brought to its enthusiasts.


Watch the video below:

Remember to tweet @EvenMatchup with the hashtag \”#ilovesmash\” to tell us what makes Smash Bros. special for you.

Written by Joe Cribari

Joe Cribari

Joe Cribari, or Toronto Joe, as he is affectionately known in the Smash Community, is the founder of Even Matchup Gaming and one of the leaders of competitive Smash in Canada. You can find him on twitter @TorontoJoeSSB

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