JetGetters looks really cool and needs your help to become a reality

TinyBuild Games launched the JetGetters Kickstarter two weeks ago in a similar fashion as they did three years ago with No Time To Explain. They created a rendered video with some pretty gnarly music, as well as some hints at what the game was going to be about. They also went into detail on the page itself on how JetGetters will be played, what the inspiration is, and more. Same as with No Time To Explain. Unfortunately, they haven\’t been able to generate the type of response they had hoped to see, likely due to how much of a struggle it is to get noticed as an indie developer.


\”Launch day was ok-ish, and then slowly died off,\” said Alex Nichiporchik, co-founder and producer at TinyBuild Games. \”Two weeks in, we are at $32k of the $50k goal. While our loyal fans did get into the details about the game, and after getting the idea instantly supported us, we had a hard time explaining what JetGetters is to the general Kickstarter user.\”

He went on to cite fierce competition on Kickstarter as part of the reason why they are falling short of their goal.

\”Simply put, Kickstarter has changed. Drastically. There is enormous competition. You need to catch daylight and actually film a video explaining the game. You need to have a pitch video,\” they continued.


And so TinyBuild added a pitch video, halfway into the campaign.

    (Video not playing? View it here.)

    What Nichiporchik also feels gives other Kickstarter projects an advantage over projects like his is the nostalgia factor.

    \”I believe another issue with our campaign from the start was lack of reference material,\” Nichiporchik said. \”The closest you can get to describing JetGetters is \”Battlefield Meets Just Cause 2\” – but that can mean any number of things. Is it a single player game with tanks and grappling hooks? It is an open world MMO Battlefield game?

    Whereas with most games on Kickstarter, there is either nostalgia or clear inspirations. JetGetters on the other hand is something that hasn\’t been done before. It\’s a brave new take on the multiplayer shooter genre. Is it Titanfall in the air? Is it Tribes 2 with grappling hooks? A little bit of everything.\”

    \”JetGetters is a multiplayer shooter where players fly high in the sky and hijack each others\’ vehicles mid-air.\”


    Nichiporchik cites the lack of press exposure as the final reason why their Kickstarter is failing to meet expectations. They believe the majority of the press isn\’t interested in looking at every gaming related Kickstarter project that surfaces, and quite frankly, they aren\’t wrong. That doesn\’t make this any less of an issue however. Despite all this, TinyBuild was able to push JetGetters to $32k, without really explaining what the game is about, thanks to their small loyal fanbase.

    The team is now crossing their fingers that the new pitch will help to push the campaign over the initial goal, and towards stretch goals which include Xbox One/PS4/Wii U versions. While this is happening, the team will be exhibiting at PAX East with an actual playable demo.

    We will be reaching out to the publisher to gather more information, but in the meantime, it may be worth your while to check out their Kickstarter campaign.

    Written by Omar Taylor

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