Jupiter Corporation, the Japanese development team known for It’s a Wonderful World and the PICROSS series of games, have just now announced the latest title in the PICROSS series – PICROSS e3 – to the North America and European eShop. PICROSS is a cell based logic puzzle game in which a grid must be colored or left blank according to numbers at the side of the grids to reveal a hidden picture.

Norichika Meguro, a Director of PICROSS series at Jupiter: “You’ve never played a PICROSS platformer like this! You will become addicted to this and will enjoy over the holiday season. I would like to emphasize 2 points for this title. First, there is the regular PICROSS mode, off course, but in PICROSSe3 there is also the new MegaPicross. Granted a patent with Nintendo in 2007, MegaPicross has big sized numbers, mega numbers and small size regular numbers as hints. The rules for those mega numbers are; (1) Mega numbers should be considered as a cluster. (2) Mega numbers should use 2 lines. (3) Mega numbers in the same row or line won’t touch the other clusters”

“Second, there are 150 questions in this title including 30 MegaPicross.\” she continued. Now, PICROSS has more complex rules to enjoy, massively addictive questions. For this version, the players are able to modify the rules; if you don’t want to be penalized for a wrong cell decision, change the rules and you won’t.”

For fans and new comers alike, PICROSS e3 is set to deliver a whole new world of challenges and fun for the holiday season and beyond.

Written by Omar Taylor

Omar Taylor

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