After great response from first playable at PAX East

It was only eight days ago Alex Nichiporchik, co-founder and producer at TinyBuild Games gave his remarks about his troubles with his Kickstarter campaign. The issue has been quickly resolved now.

TinyBuild\’s latest multiplayer shooter about hijacking jets mid-air – JetGetters – just got funded on Kickstarter. They still have four days to go to hit console stretch goals. For TinyBuild, this will be the year of jumping out of fighter jets, surfing on missiles, and doing crazy stunts mid-air.

At PAX East the team showcased the very first playable build of JetGetters. According to the developer, it was a sandbox level with split-screen co-op. No real goal to the game, just an early alpha showing the basic gameplay, the hijacking and missile surfing mechanic, and the way the game will move and feel.

\”The smile on people\’s faces when they realize it\’s not a flight game – but a shooter – made all the hard work worth it,\”¬†Alex said.¬†\”As soon as you realize \’A\’ is to jump out of your plane, and \’A\’ when focused on an enemy jet is to hijack, that moment when you\’re reeling into the enemy jet, that\’s what sells the game.\”

In fact, you can download the PAX East Demo on your computer right here.

  • Xbox 360 controller required
  • Windows build
  • 2 player split-screen support
  • Press start on 2nd controller to activate co-op
  • \”A\” to jump out of jet
  • \”A\” to hijack
  • \”B\” to fire missiles (you can surf them)
  • Right Trigger to shoot

\”We launched our Kickstarter and went straight to GDC, spending the time between GDC and PAX East on investor meetings,\” Alex said. \”We were travelling around California, all the way down to San Diego, before making our way back to Boston via Seattle.

The reason we were looking for investors is to scale our indie publishing initiative. We could help more indie developers make their games more successful. This part of our business can scale – we already have a dozen signed third party games, but we would love to do so much more. So we were looking for investors to scale that division. While nothing concrete came out of these meetings, some of the people we met got super excited about JetGetters and it\’s idea. This is why we had some big bumps in our Kickstarter. Not all investors are evil, especially game-focused ones. We all play video games, and some people can help make a huge difference.

We also got phenomenal response during PAX East from gamers. It is amazing to see how anyone from a 4 year old to a seasoned gamer can pick up JetGetters and play it.

So please, checkout the demo and let us know what you think.\”

So what are their next steps? Well, today Mr. Nichiporchik is flying back to the Netherlands to do a final push for their campaign, film latest updates, and to let the post-PAX adrenaline wind down.

\”It\’s clear that very soon we\’ll swing into full production on JetGetters,\” he said. \”I am super excited about the game, and very happy with it\’s reception. We were able to put a smile on people\’s faces with a very, very early prototype. That makes it all worth it.

Thanks for your support\”

Want to see the game on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or likely in your case, Wii U? Help their Kickstarter reach it\’s stretch goals.

Written by Omar Taylor

Omar Taylor

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