When It comes to first party and exclusives, Nintendo indeed does have the most exclusives out of all the next-generation consoles. When it comes to third party software, the system is safe for now, but nobody knows what lies in store for the Wii U in the future. Fortunately, Iwata cleared up some investor concerns by reassuring that third party games will be coming to the platform, at least after they\’ve presented their strong line up of first party titles, which according to Ubisoft, is pretty stong.

Satoru Iwata: \”When it comes to third-party software, this slide shows a list of games that have already been announced. It is not my position to mention which titles each third-party developer will release in the future. However, more unannounced titles will come. We hope to revitalize the platform with our strong first-party lineup, and then an enriched third-party software lineup will follow.\”


You might recently remember the reason Miyamoto gave for why we never saw any of Nintendo\’s big single player first party titles such as The Legend of Zelda Wii U, stating they didn\’t want to take away attention from their lesser known games such as Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101. This is all theoretical, but we could perhaps be seeing a Nintendo Direct in the coming weeks or sometime during the Summer that reveals more key titles Nintendo enthusiasts have been looking for. At least this would be a wise thing to do if Nintendo plans to please the fans that love them for those big single player first party titles.

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[Source: Nintendo]

Written by Omar Taylor

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