Let the blood bath flow

The Wii U is quickly shedding it\’s moniker with the certain side of gaming that only associates Nintendo with making \”kiddy\” games with this past E3. Besides the stunning Bayonetta 2, which is also a Wii U exclusive, it was revealed that the legendary game creator Tomonobu Itagaki was bringing Devil\’s Third exclusively to the Wii U. Gamers on other platforms were shocked at this announcement because it was somewhat predicted that it would be a PS4 or Xbox One title. Itagaki explains in an interview with Joystiq how Devil\’s Third ended up on the Wii U.

We developed the game up to an early playable version at THQ but then there was the unfortunate end of that company. Then, when we went looking for partners and found Nintendo who really supported my vision. I’m not really sure if it would have been possible ten years ago to be honest, but I’ve had a long relationship with Nintendo going back to the Nintendo and Super Nintendo. Once I went independent, I definitely went over to Nintendo to say hello.

Devil\’s Third is currently looking at a 2014 release. For more information on this violent and stunning game, click here for our full coverage.

Written by Shawn Long

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