Indie Corner – RELAUNCHED: Nano Assault Neo & Indie Game Giveaway!

Jason\’s back with the relaunch of our weekly series, Indie Corner.  The show\’s been remixed a bit to feature an Indie game every week, update you on some new Nintendo based Indie Games, suggest some kickstarter projects and finally give you a chance to win some Indie game goodness.  All of this information packed into 5 minutes!

Kicking off the series\’ revival, Jason jumps into Nano Assault Neo developed by Shin\’en Multimedia and glances over some of the unique features in this game.  We\’re trying to bring you as much Indie news as we can in a convenient compact format.  Are you a fan of the new style?

Written by Jason Lepine

Jason Lepine

Jason’s professional and cool-headed style masks what’s really going on inside. His ridiculous work intensity will drive him to spend 12 hours perfecting a video if need be.

This guy’s probably a notch away from exploding.

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