Today’s Indie Corner Daily Dose features several Kickstarter video updates from the likes of Hive Jump, Shantae Half Genie Hero and The Letter. Treefall Studios have also tweeted that The Letter is currently outselling Mario Kart 8 on the North American eShop. There’s also the worlds first look at Steamworld Dig running on the Wii U, footage from Swords & Soldiers II, Affordable Space Adventures, Dex, Stealth Inc 2, Project CARS and confirmation that The Hole Story managed to reach it’s Nintendo stretch goal.Aegis Defenders is also well passed it’s base goal and working it’s way through it’s stretch goals.

Another day and another announcement from RCMADIAX, this time in the form of BLOK DROP X Twisted Fusion mash-up title, currently in development by the same guy behind Twisted Fusion, Leuvsion. Red Thread games have announced that Sony have paid for console-exclusivity for Dreamfall Chapters. Team Notion have announced a REVEN-cameo for Up Up Ubie Remix and Starfall Studios have revealed interest in bringing Sneaky Ninja to the Wii U eShop.

Aegis Defenders

Just $1,536 from stretch goal 1! The Aegis Defenders fund train keeps rolling along. We’re super close to our first stretch goal, let’s crush it by the end of the day! 

Affordable Space Adventures

BLOK DROP X Twisted Fusion


Dreamfall Chapters

Hive Jump

Project CARS

Shantae Half-Genie Hero

Sneaky Ninja

Steamworld Dig (Wii U)


Stealth Inc 2

Swords & Soldiers 2

The Hole Story – Successfully Funded!


The Letter – Update Trailer

Up Up Ubie Remix


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