A bit underwhelming for those who wanted some sort of co-op.

The Hyrule Warriors Direct last night was a myriad of information for the upcoming Wii U game, and last night we got our first look at the promising Adventure Mode, which should help extend your enjoyment in the game. There had been talk about the \”online\” aspect of this, and what it would entail. It seems that game producer Yosuke Hayashi told Game Informer Magazine exactly what the online aspect of the mode is:

“The Adventure Mode features a ‘Network Link’ feature. This allows you to add a ‘Link’ to your maps whose level is based on other users’ play data. If you come to this Link’s aid and fight alongside him, you’ll get access to special bonuses.”

So it appears there will be no sort of online cooperative play of any sort in the upcoming Hyrule Warriors. Are you disappointed in the lack of any sort of traditional online in Hyrule Warriors, or is local co-op and a beefy single player enough for you? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Shawn Long

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