Villagers have equal rights in Smash Bros.

Masahiro Sakurai posted, as would be expected, a new screenshot on Miiverse today from the upcoming Super Smash Bros game. The picture shows the alternate costumes for the playable villager character from the Animal Crossing games, and with it shows that you can in fact choose before the match whether you want to fight as the boy villager or the girl villager. Sakurai posted the following: \”Pic of the day. You can choose to play as the girl villager too!! How lovely.\”


It seems like a fairly straight forward and easy decision as it is only a costume change and not a standalone character, but its nice to see they did not overlook it. If you also take in to account the fact that the Wii Fit trainer also has male and female forms, its hardly surprising.

There have been other cool alternate costumes from previous Super Smash Bros, such as a Daisy costume for Peach, Samus\’ Fusion suit, Mario\’s blue Jumpman outfit and Luigi in Waluigi colours. Hopefully the new games will have plenty of cool and interesting alternate costumes too.

Written by 1wiierdguy

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