It’s really a good time to own a 3DS, not only because of its great retail releases, but also because of the upcoming Virtual Console titles.

If you want to go back to the nostalgic “Game Gear-era”, you will soon get the chance to enjoy three new VC releases on Nintendo’s portable console.

You can read the official Sega Blog announcement about the three Game Gear titles below:

We’re happy to present another three Game Gear titles available for the Nintendo 3DS eShop: Sonic LabyrinthSonic the Hedgehog 2, and Crystal Warriors!

And just so it doesn’t get buried in these write-ups, I want to point out that Crystal Warriors features a bonus feature for the 3DS of local multiplayer! Now, on to the pondering.

Writing these posts for the recent influx of Game  Gear titles into the 3DS shop has been an unexpected lesson in the uniqueness of portable systems: because they could never sell themselves as being technically superior to their console counterparts, they have often — from the Game Boy and Game Gear to the PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS in all its incarnations — been homes for unique games and unique takes on genres and franchises.

It makes it easy to relive these titles, both as little lessons in the experimental history of gaming, and as delightful games to be explored in their own right.

Oh right! The games. Here’s a look at what’s available now — stay tuned, because we have still more on the way!

[Source: Sega Blog]

Written by Hektor Apostolopoulos

When Hektor isn’t playing something on his video game consoles, he probably listens to his favorite music. He prefers to spend his money on classic games and rare music albums instead of spending it on alcohol and strippers. If his wallet wants a break from this expensive hobby, he watches his favorite two soccer teams on TV. He thinks that Zelda Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy VII and Half-Life 2 are the greatest games of ALL time.

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