Could this be the 3D Action-Adventure Pokemon console game the entire planet has been waiting for? Only if Nintendo wants to sell 100 million Wii U’s in less than an hour perhaps (A wee bit over exaggerated). Well, this one comes from Game Freak themselves where they’ve open a teaser website which displays a silhouette image of what seems to be some sort of Pokemon (perhaps a Moomin?) with background text, albeit blocked a bit, that reads “A classic game that’s played all over the world will be reborn in a surprising collaboration”.

Moomin Game Freak Teaser Site

It is definitely worth noting that Game Freak has been known to create other titles not restricted to the Pokemon franchise such as the recent Harmoknight, but do you still believe or hope it will be a pokemon game? Let us know in the comment section below.

Written by Danielet