Freedom Factory, the team behind Young Justice: Legacy, is bringing another of their upcoming games, Bloodbath, to the Wii U.  Bloodbath is a 3rd person “hack n’ slash” that puts you in control of one of six fighters in an multiplayer fight to the death.

Set in a dystopian future where a violent bloodsport is the only outlet for the frustration of society. Select your Pit Dog and prepare to fight all around the world against merciless adversaries in dangerous arenas full of death traps and hazards. Enjoy a Multiplayer experience like no other in “Bloodbath”

The official site for the game is not yet available, but the Freedom Factory site lists the Wii U as a primary platform.  We’ll update you as soon as more details are available.  In the meantime, check out the reveal trailer below.

Are you excited to participate in the “Maim Event”?  Is this a game you’ll be looking forward to in the future?  Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Wesley Stopford

A long time Gaming Enthusiast, and current News Team Lead for Nintendo Enthusiast, Wesley began his journey with Nintendo’s NES at a very young age playing the originals of many of Nintendo’s greatest franchises; games that introduced him to the most memorable characters and settings in gaming history. The technology behind gaming sparked his curiosity, an affection he carries to this day. Today Wesley’s love for gaming is alive and well, as well as a deep understanding of hardware and software systems, an understanding owed to over 10 years of experience as a Systems and Network Engineer and the very games and consoles that captivated his young and enthusiastic mind.

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