Indie developer Ackk Studios has released the first three screens for its upcoming digital title, Project Y2K.

project y2k 1 300x150 First Looks at Project Y2K

This wacky and uniquely designed title is expected to land on the Wii U eShop sometime in the future, but so far Ackk Studios has been very hush-hush on the game’s details and release date.

project y2k 2 300x151 First Looks at Project Y2K

These first three screens do give us a bit more insight into what should be expected. As one character exclaims the relationship between “the golden alpaca” and car explosions, it seems safe that the narrative of this game won’t be your usual fare. In the next, a trio of characters face off against a traffic cone-wielding garbage can boss, complete with turn-based RPG gameplay. One character, Alex, uses music records to damage opponents.

project y2k 3 300x150 First Looks at Project Y2K

And, finally, in the third shot, we see that players will explore the environment on a 3D plain, at the very least in a neighborhood setting. Your party members, of course, follow you around as you traverse this odd-ball world.

Written by Dakota Lasky

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