The power glove has received a fair amount of attention since its release due to its creative design and for its notoriously poor controls. Now 25 years after its release, filmmakers Adam Ward and Andrew Austin are trying to put together a documentary to tell the whole story of the Power Glove from its creation to how creative minds are using the old peripheral today.

The funding is to help the team cover travel expenses to conduct interviews, archival footage fees, publicity and getting the documentary wrapped up.  Additionally there\’s some cool prizes for the higher end backers such as t-shirts and autographed NES carts of Super Glove Ball and the power glove itself.  You can find all the details of the power glove documentary Kickstarter here.

Are you a fan of the old peripheral? Is its story interesting enough to warrant an entire documentary dedicated to it? Let us know in the comments!


Written by Jason Lepine

Jason Lepine

Jason’s professional and cool-headed style masks what’s really going on inside. His ridiculous work intensity will drive him to spend 12 hours perfecting a video if need be.

This guy’s probably a notch away from exploding.

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