EnjoyUp Games continues to drip feed us details for Rock \’N Racing Off Road.

What we know for now is the game will have arcade mode, time trial, and 5 player multiplayer. We assume EnjoyUp is referring to local multiplayer here since expectations are far higher for online play.

There will also be realistic physics involved in driving, jumping, and crashing, so don’t expect Gran Turismo hyperrealism where you never see a dent from a wreck. You will also be able to play on the GamePad in Off-TV mode, and we hope EnjoyUp is looking into other uses of the GamePad’s features, such as its accelerometer.

Finally, they promise lots of rock and roll music, which would seem to be a callback to Blizzard’s Rock N’Roll Racing although they haven’t clarified if they’re licensing similarly iconic tracks or making their own. We think the game’s sounds could be a deciding factor in whether it will be a success or failure, so we hope EnjoyUp makes the right choices here.

While we’re not thrilled that information is coming in so slowly, it’s only because we’re so excited for this project. We can only guess EnjoyUp is still at the preliminary stages of development, but we hope they can at least share a project pitch video to tide us over until they have something more tangible to show.

Rock'N Racing Off Road features: - Arcade mode, time trial, multi-player with 5 players! - Loads of Rock'N Roll music.

— EnjoyUp (@enjoyupgames) December 10, 2013

Rock'N Racing Off Road features: - Realistic physics for driving, jumps and crashes. - Non-TV mode using the GamePad.

— EnjoyUp (@enjoyupgames) December 10, 2013

Written by Ryan Parreno

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