Eidos Montreal, the developers of Deus EX: Human Revolution, seem to be teasing a new Deus Ex title according to a twitter post the company made that read \”Are YOU ready for The Fall?\”. To help connect the dots, prior to their most recent tweet the development studio had also registered several domains such as deusexthefall.com and deusexthefall.net back in March so you can definitely rule out the possibility of them showing off something that isn\’t related to Dues Ex.

If they do show something off, here\’s hoping that their game potentially comes to Wii U, but until then you\’ll have the best version of their most recent Deus Ex game to play and who knows, maybe your purchase of the game will influence their decision to bring their potential new Deus Ex game to Wii U.

Update: Eidos Montreal has now released an official Teaser trailer for their upcoming new Deus Ex title. Expect more information in the coming days.

[Source: Twitter]

Written by Omar Taylor

Omar Taylor

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